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Welcome! I am the founder and President of JV  Consulting Human Asset Management. Our firm specializes in employee selection, hiring, onboarding, coaching,  leadership / employee development and workforce / succession / career planning.  We are passionate about supporting business owners, executives and professionals in career transition so they can sleep better at night rather than spending endless hours, energy and expense struggling with people and career frustrations. Helping our clients make their businesses more profitable and their futures brighter by making better “people”  and career decisions is our firm’s goal. Throughout the entire talent  management spectrum, people decisions determine the success or failure of any business.
We appreciate today’s rapidly changing business strategies and what it takes to become a market leader, and work with organizations on the important role predictive job matching and development plays in building a high-octane workforce and gaining competitive advantage in our dynamic 21st century global business community. By incorporating proven, scientifically valid, genuinely predictive selection and talent management assessment instruments into our work, we have made a quantum leap forward in our ability to  bring additional value to our clients. Our work enables business owners and executives to select the right people and develop them to their full potential. We are happy to report remarkable success because everything we provide is based on results we can prove.
I began my career in human asset management and performance improvement over 25 years ago at Ernst & Young LLP where I conceptualized and delivered over 5000 hours of development curricula to firm personnel in NYC and nationally. One of my favorite responsibilities was leading the firm’s weekly new hire onboarding and orientation process. During my tenure, I collaborated with all the practices at the firm to better understand their human capital needs, and conducted leadership development training and customer service excellence programs that achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 3.8 out of 4 for over 50 Ernst & Young programs delivered throughout North America.
My passion for employee development led to the conceptualization, design and implementation of many programs for EY and my own client practice, including EY’s mandatory Career Self-Management Series that I authored with the express purpose of empowering employees to take charge of their careers and be responsible for their professional destiny.  I am proud to report that, to date, the program is considered a powerful intervention.
Over the years, I have been asked to speak, in person and virtually, on numerous business development topics from a human capital perspective. I like to share actionable information with my audiences that sheds new light on maximizing performance and productivity in the workplace.
Dedication to the needs of the community began for me when I represented EY in the United Way of New York City (UWNYC) Executive Loan Program. There I honed my fundraising and speaking skills, developed enduring citywide relationships and built a 14-year association with UWNYC as a consultant concentrating on accelerated “time-to-productivity” onboarding, creating understanding of generational differences in the workplace, overall talent management and the “people” aspects of successful fundraising. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in raising over $10 million for a broad spectrum of NYC and global charities.
I am an alumna of New York University and conducted graduate studies in Strategic Talent Management, Organizational Theory / Management / Development, Performance Measurement and Applied Psychology/Human Behavior.
I teach business readiness programs for the Department of Education and have been a Development Dimensions International Certified Instructor.
In my ongoing quest to understand what makes people tick and how I can bring out the best in individuals and organizations, I have earned designations as a Certified Trainer for ProfilesXT,  PXT Select, Pathway Planner Career Development, Checkpoint 360°, Profiles Sales Assessment, DiSC,  Customer Service Profile, Zenger Folkman 360°, Hogan Psychological Battery, Managerial Fit, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strategic Talent Management, Situational Leadership, CWG 360,°  and ISEI
Maintaining a balance between my passion for business and life’s other dimensions is important to me. Time with family and friends and enjoying travel, theater and skiing is a significant part of my life, as is an abiding commitment to community service.
Give us a call so we can chat about your goals and challenges. I, and my team, look forward to supporting you in any way we can.    ~ Jan Vincent

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Joan Alvarez is JV Consulting Human Asset Management’s Senior Executive Administrator.  Joan brings years of business development experience in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors.
As a valued member of the Combined Federal Campaign for over two decades, Joan has been responsible for creating New York City fundraising campaigns generating in excess of $7,000,000 and making a measureable difference in the quality of life for many children and families.
Working as an Industrial Specialist with the Department of Defense resulted in Joan’s selection to work with the Pentagon overseeing progress on the agency’s most urgent and complex armed forces items and weapons systems component parts.
Among the topics Joan is passionate about are securities and investments. Her financial classes teaching women, in particular, how to invest wisely for the future and make their money work for them have been enthusiastically received.
Joan is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and  a life-long learner whose energy and drive brings inspiration to anyone she works with.
Technical Advisory Committee
Scott Hamilton, PhD
Dr. Hamilton is charged with coordinating the development of new products as well as further refining the effectiveness of  mature assessment products. For decades, Dr. Hamilton has been a business consultant specializing in human resources, personnel evaluation, and related fields. He also gained experience as a staff psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice.
Dr. Hamilton has a masters degree and PhD in clinical psychology and counseling with a minor in research. He served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Test Publishers, of which Profiles International was a founding member. He is also a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Association for Psychological Science (APS), and the International Test Commission (ITC). Dr. Hamilton is, additionally, an associate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).
Ben Shaw, Ed.D
Ben Shaw plays a vital role in preserving and refining the technical quality of assessment instruments. He teams with psychologists, research and development performing the statistical analysis of assessment components to ensure their accuracy. He is also a specialist in designing assessments and interpreting their results.
Dr. Shaw has a BS and an MS from Texas A & M University plus an EdD in educational administration from Oklahoma State University with an emphasis on research design and methodology. The author of numerous articles on assessment and statistical analysis, Dr. Shaw, who has operated an independent consulting firm, has also contributed to several books in his field. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association.
David. A. Clayman, PhD
Dr. Clayman is a licensed psychologist who serves as the director of Clayman & Associates, PLLC, an organization that focuses on forensic and medical psychology.
A member of the American and West Virginian Psychological Association’s and the American Association of Correctional Psychology, Dr. Clayman was a finalist twice for an entrepreneur of the year award and recently received the Mildred Mitchell Bateman award from the Mental Health Association.
Dr. Clayman has been a partner of Profiles for over 15 years and also acts as a special consultant for law enforcement/public safety for Profiles. Dr. Clayman has acquired a BA in psychology as well as an MS and PhD in clinical psychology.
Doru Dima, PhD
Dr. Dima is the International Director of Profiles East Europe and National Director of Profiles Romania. He also serves as the GM for Multi Consulting Group and Dima Consulting Group, and lectures at Transylvania University. He has worked with Profiles since 2003 and quickly became a valuable asset to the company. Dr. Dima has spent most of his career training companies and employees in HR management. He has trained individuals in performance management, communication skills, and organizational development. His experience and expertise will enable him to contribute immensely to the team.
Dino Djipa
Mr. Djipa is the cofounder and Research Director of Prism Research; a social, marketing, and media research company. He is also the co-founder of Profiles Adriatica. Mr. Djipa serves as the Research Director CEPOS (Center for Political Studies).
Mr. Djipa worked with Profiles since 2006, but cofounded Prism Research in 1996. He has helped to transform Prism into one of the most successful research organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His experience in research and business operations is essential to Profiles International and an active member of the Technical Advisory Committee.
Wolanyo Kpo, PhD
Dr. Wolanyo Kpo is a Grants and Program Evaluation Consultant for Human Service Resources in Chicago and also teaches and researches at Chicago State University. Dr. Kpo has raised millions of dollars in grants towards education research from the US Office of Minority Health. From 1984 to 1994, he worked for Chicago Public Schools as a consultant who designed and evaluated school-based management training programs and evaluated the entire education program. Kpo is a member of SHRM, American Management Association, American Psychological Association, and the American Evaluation Association. Kpo has been awarded the CSU Leadership Award for Service, the Family Life Center Award for Outstanding work on a mini-grant, and multiple Annual Recognitions for contributions to Division of Continuing Education.
Raquel Novoa
Raquel Novoa is the Senior Consultant for Human Resources Management Processes at Profiles de Chile. Her main responsibilities involve the implementation of assessment instruments. Ms. Novoa also trains companies in topics such as competency identification as well as 360º evaluation processes and coaching. She has worked for Profiles since 2000 and has become in expert in training, coaching, and implementation of the assessments in South America. Ms. Novoa’s background in clinical psychology led her to work independently for private and public organizations for the past 17 years. In addition to working with Profiles de Chile, she works as a consultant in the Behavior Therapy Center where she specializes in systemic family therapy and individual therapy with adults and couples.
Steven Robinson, PhD
Dr. Steven Robinson served as the President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). Before working for SAIS, Dr. Robinson held a variety of different positions in higher education. Before his career in working at independent schools, Dr. Robinson worked for many different universities in many different roles. He worked as the director of student recruitment, director of student assessment, director of graduate student services, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management, and vice president for student affairs.
Hesham A. Sadek, PhD
Dr. Hesham Sadek is the founder and chairman of IES Business Consultants in Cairo, Dubai, and Riyadh. The firm, which he started in 2003, it addresses three types of organizational solutions: Business Excellence Solutions, Operations Effectiveness Solutions, and Business Development Solutions. Dr. Sadek partners with Profiles International and offers assessments through IES. Sadek was appointed as the foreign consultant for a project through the Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) and the European Union. Sadek has also created and implemented training sessions for the Ministry of Industry and Technological Development (MITD) through IMC. Dr. Sadek trained the ministry’s top executives in topics such as strategic planning, project management, effective management skills, problem solving, and decision making.
Ronald Trego, PhD
Dr. Trego is a consultant psychologist based in Dallas. He has been a consultant psychologist for more than 30 years and has worked with many national and international organizations. He has consulted many different types of organizations; everything from start-up companies to billion-dollar corporations from a variety of industries. Dr. Trego is known for his development of pre-employment assessments. He has pioneered innovative systems designs for organizational issues such as management succession planning and development. Dr. Trego also offers services for business design and analysis through evaluations that address attitude, turnover, and performance.